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postheadericon Site Update: Mobile Enhancement

New changes were made to make easier to use on mobile devices. This keeps Google happy, since they have vowed to penalize sites that weren’t mobile, and it makes it easier for people to read the site on mobile devices.  We also added some behind the scenes security and backup functions.  Enjoy!

postheadericon Site Update 3

More work done on backend, on design, on About Us section, and Scientific Programs schedule added.  Not yet linked to Calendar widget.

postheadericon Site Update 2

“About Us” and “History” section added in.  Lots of work anticipated this weekend.

postheadericon Site Update 1

Backend is installed.  We will revisit the look, and headers, images, etc. after the site is built.  At this point, it’s more important to get the content in, so it can be functional for the Federation. We’re beginning to add content into the site, from the prior site, and recent updates. It is very exciting to have a brand new domain name that is so elegant! We will build on it to achieve our new goals.