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Since 1977, ARTIFICIAL ORGANS has been publishing original articles featuring the studies of design, performance, and evaluation of the biomaterials and devices for the international medical, scientific, and engineering communities involved in the research and clinical application of artificial organ development. Artificial Organs, published monthly, brings its readership the depth and breadth of the science and technology that continues to advance the Replacement, Recovery, and Regeneration of organ systems.

Artificial Organs is the official journal of the International Society for Artificial Organs (ISAO) for 27 years.  Along with a prestigious history, the global recognition and an international author base have allowed the journal to take the lead in the research, development, and clinical application of artificial organs technologies.  While upholding rigorous standards, Artificial Organs has become one of the most important journals in the field.

On January 1, 2004, ISAO transitioned to the International Federation for Artificial Organs (IFAO) and Artificial Organs was appointed as the official journal of the IFAO. In addition, the Artificial Organs is the official journal of the following societies:

In recognition of the pioneers in artificial organ technology, the journal publishes regularly Editorials to remember and honour the achievements in the past. A list of articles can be found here.

The 2021-2022  Impact Factor for Artificial Organs is 3.094. The journal is published by Wiley Publishers.