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ASAIO 66th Annual Conference was cancelled due to the Covid Epidemic. Invited Speakers for that meeting are now invited to present at the 2021 meeting of ASAIO in Washington DC. Audio-visual presentations are now available for almost all scheduled abstract presentations.  See for for further information and registration to view the abstract presentations.

           IFAO-ASAIO Session on the Implantable Artificial Kidney

A special session at the ASAIO was planned by the Kidney Health Initiative and the International Federation of Artificial Organs (IFAO) titled  “The Implantable Artificial Kidney.”  Other supporting groups included KIDNEW, a consortium of researchers working on WAK and IAK devices. The session was held live and in real time session by audio-visual means, on June 12, 2020. The meeting co-chairs were Murray Sheldon MD of FDA and Fokko Wieringa PhD of IMEC, in Eindhoven, Netherlands (IMEC supplied the IT support using Microsoft Team). The format was 7 minute presentations which included Powerpoint slides narrated in real time by each speaker. The audience then had three minutes to ask questions and the speakers provided answers, all in real time. Below is the program, which includes an impressive list of speakers:

1          Murray Sheldon    FDA                                            Intro and overview

2          Shuvo Roy             UCSF                                            The Kidney Project

3          Jamie Hestekin    US Kidney Research Corporation     Waterless technology

4          Buddy Ratner      University of Washington    Ambulatory Kidney to Improve Vitality

5          Iain Drummond   Mount Desert Island Biological Lab   (Re)building  Kidney

6          Morteza Ahmadi           Qidni                        Implantable Renal Replacement Therapy

7          Dimitrios Stamatialis    University of Twente                            Bioartificial Organs

8          Marianne Verhaar       Utrecht University Medical Center         RegmedXB project

9          Fokko Wieringa            IMEC and Dutch Kidney Foundation      Update on NeoKidney

10        Patrick de Jager            ASML     Experiences from  semiconductor roadmapping

11        Wieringa, Sheldon, Ash Wrap-up discussion, Q&A, action points

 For a further description of the meeting, see the attached Flyer

Kidnew Flyer with vid link 2020 


For background reading, please read the article “Technology Roadmap for Innovative Approaches to Renal Replacement Therapy “ found at Alternatively read the originally published article “A Technology Roadmap for Innovative Approaches to Kidney Replacement Therapies: A Catalyst for Change” by Bonventre JV, Hurst FP, West M, Wu I, Roy-Chaudhury P, Sheldon M. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2019 Oct 7;14(10):1539-154.