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International Federation for Artificial Organs

From Discovery to Clinical Use

The mission of the Federation is to increase and encourage knowledge and research on artificial organs, apheresis, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and other related topics, to facilitate the international exchange of knowledge, and to provide education related to the improvement and optimal utilization of organ assist devices.

To fulfill this purpose, The Federation will arrange biennial congresses jointly with the Member Societies with special emphasis on international aspects and dissemination of knowledge into developing countries. The international peer reviewed journal ARTIFICIAL ORGANS is the “Official Journal of The Federation.”

September 2018

Don’t miss the next ESAO meeting in September 2018!  See Member Society News, in the ESAO page, for more information

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Our Next Meeting

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Our next IFAO meeting will be held concurrently with the JSAO meeting in Osaka, Japan on November 12 through November 15, 2019. To see the full sized meeting poster, you may click on the smaller image on the left.



Annual meetings of ASAIO, JSAO and ESAO are announced in Member Resources section of this website. The JSAO announcements also include those for the upcoming APSAO meeting and the 2019 JSAO-IFAO meeting. Further information is available in the Member Society News section.

See Member Society News for more information


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